Guide to Dining

Welcome to the Gould Academy Dining Program

Dining is a large part of your school experience. Our goal is to make your dining experience the best it can be by providing good, nutritious food in a relaxed atmosphere. We also strive hard to deliver superior service each day. So come and join us and enjoy the comfort, convenience and inviting atmosphere that we have to offer!

Dining Hall Meal Plan Info and Policies

Food Service Committee

The student body assists the Dining Management team in the task of planning and evaluating services. If you have ideas about Dining Services, meal options, quality of service, or anything else; let us know, write on a Comment Card, or speak with the Dining Services Manager.

Speak Up

This is YOUR dining service and we are here to serve you! We appreciate your input and feedback to better meet your needs. You can make your voice heard through comment cards or just introduce yourself and tell us what you think.

Special Dietary Needs

Lexington’s Dining Service and Registered Dietitian (R.D.) will work with parents, school nurses, teachers, and health care providers to help manage students’ food allergies and special diets by:

  • Working with physicians, dietitians, or qualified nutrition specialists to manage dietary substitutions.
  • Knowing where emergency medications are stored and knowing how they should be administered in case a student has an allergic reaction.
  • Reviewing menus with parents of students who have food allergies to determine what, if any, menu items need to be substituted.
  • See our nutrition page for more information

Healthier Selection

Gould Academy’s dining program is always focusing on Nutrition. Here at Gould we offer our Nutrition Alive program that meets the needs of healthier options for today’s college student. Our StarChef program, an interactive menu program will focus on highlighting healthier options and provide the most current nutritional information for the daily menus.

Service Regulations

Your understanding and observation of the following regulations will guarantee smooth, efficient operation of the Dining Hall.

  • Students must obey the University personal appearance regulations while in the Dining Hall.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.
  • You are not permitted to take food from the Dining Hall.
  • To avoid waste, you should choose one entrée when entering the served lines. More entrees are available for seconds.
  • After dining, please return trays to the dish return and leave your table and chairs neat and clean.
  • Please behave courteously at all times.
  • You will not be granted credit for any meals missed.
  • We also ask that you abide by all of the Lexington policies.

Dining Area Restrictions

You are not permitted to engage in the following activities in the dining area:

Removal of food or dinnerware from the dining area

Use of electronics devices that detract from the dining experience of other guests

Playing of personal music devices without headphones

Leaning back in Dining Room Chairs

Dining Hall personnel reserve the right to dismiss or suspend you from the dining area for inappropriate behavior.

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